Who can become a person entitled to receive royalties?

Persons entitled to receive royalties at VGF can include film producers, co-producers of a film or persons with rights derived from the producer of a film (film distributors, film licence dealers, global distribution companies etc.)

Other parties entitled to receive royalties at VGF may be firms which make synchronized versions of foreign films or which acquire the rights connected with such synchronizations.

How do I become a person entitled to receive royalties?

Let us suppose that you are a film producer or the co-producer of a film, you have acquired rights derived from the film producer (as a film distributor, film licence dealer, global distribution company etc.) or you have made the synchronized version of a foreign film for distribution in German-speaking countries or acquired rights connected with such a synchronization. In that case you should join VGF as a member, by concluding an Rights Administration Agreement with us (supplied as a pdf file). Just send us the VGF registration form (pdf) by post, and we will let you have the necessary documents.

Can I become a member of VGF as a director?

Yes – but on the whole directors are represented by VG Bild-Kunst (a collecting society for the administration of the copyrights of artists, photographers and other pictorial authors).

What will it cost me to join VGF?

Becoming a member of VGF, by concluding a Rights Administration Agreement with us, is absolutely free.

How is VGF financed?

The administration costs are covered by a deduction at source taken from all the income we achieve. No individual administration cost deductions are levied, either at the time when we conclude an agreement or at any subsequent time.

How can I let VGF know that I have changed my address?

You are welcome to let us know of any changes in writing or emailing. Registration Form (PDF)

How can I let VGF know my new bank details?

You are welcome to let us know of any changes in writing. Bank Form (PDF)