Persons entitled to receive royalties

VGF acts primarily on behalf of film producers and directors. But it also represents the interests of all those who have rights derived from the producer of a film – like film distributors, film licence dealers, global distribution companies and so on. The term ‘film producer’ also of course includes a film’s co-producers. VGF does not, however, uphold rights connected with pre-existing works (like screenplays, music, sets and costumes, cuts etc.) or with commissioned productions for television. VGF sees itself as an institution principally concerned to assert and administer the rights of producers, as well as administering those of directors. The producer is the initiator and organiser of a film, and makes an active creative contribution. As the person financing the film work, he or she bears the exclusive risk. The past has demonstrated that considerable sums may be paid out in this connection, on which film producers in particular may be dependent. The latter enter into personal obligations and need all the funding they can get, with a view to reducing their financial risk and strengthening their capital resources.

Becoming a member of VGF, by concluding an agreement for administration with us, is absolutely free of charge.